Training Registration

CPH 2023

Course Registration


We require your legal details for course processing.

Please provide your legal name, the same one that is registered with your USI number.

Your certificate will be sent to the email you register and enrol with.

You will receive the preparation work by email after completing this form.

Register for your course by clicking Start Here.

Training Requirements

The training information and preparation required for the successful completion of your training will be emailed to the email provided above once this form is submitted. It is your responsibility to ensure you complete the relevant items for the training course we are providing.

Read the below carefully.

Tick to Agree
Complete and submit this form.
Read the email sent after completing this form.
Complete enrolment form (link found in email we send to you).
Complete theory preparation course online (specific to the course you selected above)
Attend practical training session
Before the session: Complete all items mentioned above, bring a pen, water and a mask to the session.
Do not attend the session if you feel unwell, have a cough, fever, headache or any other signs or symptoms of ANY illness.
I (course participant) understand that by logging into the training course and completing the theory training, I am required to attend the practical session AND perform skills competently to gain certification and am financially liable for the training I am completing.
I (participant) understand the requirements of the training I am registering for. I will complete the required items prior to training and if I dont, I understand I will not be joining the practical training session.